ECG For Everybody

Mobile ECG device as a smartphone extender device, PPG using only camera
Pulse & HRV based Heart Care Platform using ECG and PPG signals.
Powered by: Aggregated expertise, Crowdsourcing, Big Data, AI
Heart Health, Fitness, Stress level: Check, Track, Improve

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About ECG for Everybody

Device-Software Heart Health Care Platform for
ECG (by innovative mobile ECG device),
PPG (photoplethysmography using camera),
Pulse, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), pathologic heartbeats, blood vessels condition analysis,
big data collecting and analyzing in order to estimate overall wellbeing condition, to track and provide personalized advising how to improve condition using AI, ML, crowdsourcing mechanisms.

Superior ECG accuracy in service of tracking and improving of your health, fitness and stress. In ECG for Everybody we believe that mobile technologies and smart big data usage can successfully struggle with leading cause of death - heart diseases. Even better, we believe we can do a lot in prevention because WHO claims that 80% could be prevented. Heart Care Platform ECG for Everybody brings a full potential of ECG in your pocket and engage our platform to understand, track and improve your heart health and fitness/stress level. Be connected with community of aware people through the platform receive personalized advising from various experts profile as well as from AI derived big data analysis.

  • Don’t track your training in number of steps, calories, miles, instead with our platform track training impact on your health and fitness level by ECG accurate HRV analysis.
  • In gyms with our platform trainers can make personalized plan and training optimization by accurate, ECG derived HRV and HR analysis.
  • Doctors now can detect and document infrequent symptomatic arrhythmias or track post-myocardial infarction follow-up in patient comfort.
Why Now?

CardioVascular Disease
are still #1 cause of death

17.5 million died from CVDs in 2012
B$108.9 - B$312.6 USA costs

Among many bad, there is one good statistic:
80% of premature CVDs can be prevented

Million of deaths, billions of costs can be prevented by early detection.
People need efficient solution for heart health check.

Our Device can help you in prevention of CVDs
In-App Features

All features available for free

ECG capturing

Mobile ECG device, up to six leads ECG, with/without electrodes. Unique design with dozen time reduced manufacture price.

PPG capturing

Pulse detection, HRV analysis using only mobile device/smartphone camera based on Photoplethysmography (PPG).

Heart Rate Variability

HRV represents one of the most promising wellbeing markers.
Realtime analysis already in the the Mobile App. ECG, PPG source, rhythm, HRV, stress, continuous cuff-free blood pressure.

Cardio training guide

Check your target zone by using PPG or ECG heart rate estimation in our mobile app.

Crowdsourcing through the Platform

Get the wisdom of the crowd, provide useful comments, receive much more. Check, track, compare your results.

Real physician review request

Heart health check by our physician may be requested at any time from anywhere.

Portable ECG

Inovative design and functions

This device transforms several biomedical signals to the audio which is further processed by smartphone. This approach reduces complexity of the additional device while transforms smartphone in the, for instance ECG sensing unit with possibility to visualize, analyze, share ECG data and analysis. Mobile ECG sensing extender enables ECG capturing with and without electrodes which makes this device flexible and ease to use in different situations and for different purposes.

Easy to use

Device is very lightweight, easy to use in every day ocassions.

Fast and Reliable

All measurements are going real-time, in a just a few seconds you can get precise data and your health status feedback.

Low Energy Consumption

With a single battery charge device can last for a days of usage.

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You can download our free App from Google Play Store and App Store and start improving your health state right now!
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Pricing Plan

Find your best pricing plan

Clinics Packet

  • One physician account to access multiple patients records and data
  • 3 mobile ECG sensing extenders

  • 10 physician accounts
  • 40 mobile ECG sensing extenders
10-100 /Month

Fitness Centers Packet

  • Multiple instructor account to access multiple sportsmen records, data, activity statistics reports
  • Membership fee management in the fitness center
  • Plan training for individual sportsmen
  • Communication with sportsmen
5-10 /Month


  • Mobile ECG sensing extender, price 30€
  • 5€ review by ECG technician
  • 12€ review by cardiologist
  • In mobile app data backup purchase 1€
30-50 /Month

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